Ours and Theirs

Quality is not something to compromise when it comes to lifting your boat or watercraft. Why would you want to suspend your precious investment in mid-air using substandard parts and shoddy construction. Check out these actual photos from our competitors and you will understand why Triton makes all the difference.
Ours Theirs
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Fully enclosed gear housing is greaseless, beltless and maintenance-free. Rust and corrosion are not an issue due to the stainless and galvanized construction.
Open gear plate requires perpetual lubrication, which drips on your boat. Corrosion, worn belts and noisy operation are a constant battle.
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Fully adjustable cradles conform to the contours of your boat hull and support the vessel along the entire length, distributing the pressure and weight. Strap lifts put significant pressure on the boat hull in just a few concentrated areas, causing stress and ultimately critical distortion.
Heavy-duty dual bearing system with grease gutters winds aircraft quality cable smoothly and evenly Steel, non-galvanized support pipes and rubber-coated, light-weight cable won't stand up to harsh marine environments.
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Innovative, precision engineering, military-quality welds and consistent top quality construction provide a lift that will last for years and years, even in the harshest environments. Cheap, weak steel, poor welding and inconsistent construction simply can't hold up to the heavy loads and harsh conditions.
Triton Boat Cradles will not warp or distort in any way and the increased contact area will protect your boat from damage. I-Beam Cradles with wooden bunks can warp and rot, causing damage to your boat.
Galvanized , pin-hole free welds insure the integrity of the structure, even for the heaviest loads and in the harshest marine environments. Inexperienced welders and inexpensive alloys result in shoddy construction that won't withstand the weight and stress.
Cypress Lifts and Marine has the expertise to evaluate your overhead structure and make sure it can withstand the stress of lifting a boat. Installing a boat lift on a structure that can't handle the load will result in disaster.
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