Snaptraxx Cradle Bunks

Snaptraxx logo Snaptraxx is a revolutionary modular injection molded bunk cover system designed to simplify the launch and docking of your boat in the Triton Lift System. Snaptraxx solves the problems commonly associated with wet, soggy, frayed carpeted bunks.
Snaptraxx units simply snap together without fasteners to completely encase 2"x6" lumber. No more ugly exposed wood, folded carpet seams or rusted staples. Finally a bunk cover that enhances the look of your boat.
Awesome looking 2-color 18-inch precision injection molded units are made from specially formulated thermoplastic polymers. When grip units are combined with low friction slip units, launch and docking just became much easier.
The patented surface design provides good air circulation and water drainage under the hull while maintaining plenty of support for your boat resting on the cradle. There is an innovative interlocking bellows joint at the end of each section to accommodate expansion and contraction.

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