Beach Butler Cargo Lifts

This product was developed in early 1998 to accommodate the transportation of goods to the second level. As storms approached the coastline residents were forced to move their belonging to higher ground. This usually meant gathering people to help carry large items up flights of steps. With the cargo lift you simply move items into the cargo cage and lift to your upper level using the wireless remote control. This greatly reduces the time and inconvenience that were created by these conditions. As building codes tighten and flood plains are being restructured. More homes are being built higher to meet the codes requirement. These lifts are also becoming popular in the mountains where homes are built on pilings and the sides of hills. They are very functional and fast for transporting everyday goods to your second and third levels. They are very durable and come with a 5-Year Warranty. They are available in single and dual mast configurations. Click the buttons below for more information.

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